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Please Note
Proof of vaccinations against rabies and feline distemper from your veterinarian are required.
We recommend feline leukemia, but do not require it.

We do not accept intact male cats.

Cat accommodations consist of a three-level kitty condo with outside views. We have condos for single cats, doubles and a geriatric condo for cats with mobility issues.

Cat Lodging

Maybe not king of the jungle, but…

At Paw Print Pet Lodge, our feline guests enjoy accommodations that are purr-fect for the discriminating cat! The three-level kitty condos provide spacious privacy, great views and, let’s face it, the ultimate in status. That’s right, with the high-rise style of the condo, your cat gets to enjoy the activity he loves best: looking down on the humans! The kitty condos are arranged with sleeping quarters at the top, food and water on the middle floor, and litter on the bottom, and at any given time you will find the cats right where they like to be–up high and surveying their kingdoms!

Each cat also gets to spend time each day out of their condo, enjoying the playroom. Scratching posts, toys, and a cat gym will entertain your cat and make them feel right at home.

Spoiling Options for Cats

While you’re away, let us spoil your cat. At Paw Print Pet Lodge, you can customize your feline friend’s stay to make sure he’ll have the best stay possible.


Available options are:

Cat Cuddles A Paw Print Pet Lodge staff member is available to spend extra time with your cat. Curling up in the rocking chair for petting and scratching is only one way we can make your cat’s stay more relaxing. Each Cat Cuddle session is 15 minutes.

Cat Hut A nice, soft, hooded cat bed for and extra snuggly place to curl up in the condo.

About the cattery:


Each cat gets a three-level kitty condo!


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